Available RA Vacancies

# Position Project No. Title Faculty Closed Date Action
1. Research Assistant PV033-2024 Pembinaan E-modul Pembelajaran Taranum Al-quran Interaktif Berasaskan Surah-surah Pilihan Mudah Untuk Kegunaan Masyarakat Awam Akademi Pengajian Islam 21-07-2024 Read more
2. Graduate Research Assistant FP129-2020 Housing Affordability: A Financial Solution To Enhance Homeownership Fakulti Alam Bina 24-07-2024 Read more
3. Graduate Research Assistant UMREG009-2023 Surface Plasmon Resonance (spr)-based Label-free Biosensor For Non-invasive Stem Cells Quality Evaluation Fakulti Farmasi 25-07-2024 Read more
4. Graduate Research Assistant TR001C-2020 Elimination Of Biofilm On Medical Devices To Reduce Healthcare-associated Infections: An Novel Approach With Plasma Treatment Fakulti Sains 26-07-2024 Read more
5. Research Assistant PV053-2023 Feasibility Study And Experimental Demonstration Of Plasma Technology For H2s Decomposition Fakulti Sains 26-07-2024 Read more
6. Graduate Research Assistant PV049-2022 Pulsed Neutron Generation By Advanced Plasma Focus Discharge Fakulti Sains 30-07-2024 Read more
7. Graduate Research Assistant IIRG002A-2023 Wp1: Impact Of Electric Vehicle Charging On Electrical Power Grid Pusat Pengkhususan Tenaga Kuasa Termaju Um 31-07-2024 Read more
8. Graduate Research Assistant BKP004-2023-ECR Control Of The Interfacial Potential Of Bipolar Electrodes Using An Ion-selective Membrane For Electrochemiluminescence Imaging Of H²o131 Fakulti Kejuruteraan 31-07-2024 Read more
9. Research Assistant BKP011-2023-ECR Advancing Green Hydrogen Production With Bimetallic Palladium Rhodium/fullerene Electrocatalyst: Ratio Design To Surpass Platinum Activity In Alkaline Media Fakulti Sains 31-07-2024 Read more
10. Graduate Research Assistant FP064-2023 Tailoring Various Azobenzene End-functionalized Pmma Via Living Anionic Polymerization As Potential Photoresponsive Materials Fakulti Sains 31-07-2024 Read more
11. Graduate Research Assistant MOSTI002-2023TED1 An Ai-driven Fetal Monitoring Model To Predict Fetal Growth Restriction Infants Fakulti Sains Komputer Dan Teknologi Maklumat 31-07-2024 Read more
12. Research Assistant GPF010A-2023 Modification Of Pineapple Leaf Waste Hydrochar By Incorporation Of Lanthanum Magnetic Metal Organic Framework For High As Removal From Water: Experimental Analysis And Artificial Neural Network (ann) Analysis Fakulti Kejuruteraan 31-07-2024 Read more
13. Graduate Research Assistant UMREG027-2023 Driving With Data: Privacy In Connected And Autonomous Vehicles Fakulti Sains 31-07-2024 Read more
14. Graduate Research Assistant MOSTI005-2021SRF High Efficiency High Electron Mobility Transistor (hemt) For Power Electronics Modules Fakulti Sains 31-07-2024 Read more
15. Graduate Research Assistant IF052-2020 Malaysian Implementation Science Training (mist) Program In Hiv Fakulti Perubatan 31-07-2024 Read more
16. Graduate Research Assistant FP075-2023 Vibrational Kinetics Of Co2 In Non-thermal Plasma-based Co2 Conversion Fakulti Sains 04-08-2024 Read more
17. Research Assistant IF050-2022 Socioecological Dynamics Of Zoonatic And Vector-borne Disease In Changing Landscape : Implications For Surveillance And Control Fakulti Perubatan 10-08-2024 Read more
18. Graduate Research Assistant ST088-2022 Liquefaction Of Plastic Waste To Produce Alternative Liquid Fuel Fakulti Kejuruteraan 31-12-2024 Read more
19. Graduate Research Assistant IF046-2018 The Effect Of Orally-administered Anti-enterovirus A71 Agents To Reduce Viral Shedding And To Treat Infection And Its Complications Fakulti Perubatan 31-12-2024 Read more