Available RA Vacancies

# Position Project No. Title Faculty Closed Date Action
1. Graduate Research Assistant FP108-2020 The Role Of Rip1/il-1a/il-8 Pathway In Mediating Epithelial-mesenchymal Transition (emt), Cellular Invasion In Colorectal Cancer Fakulti Perubatan 01-03-2024 Read more
2. Graduate Research Assistant PV039-2023 Predicting Development Success In Software Projects Fakulti Kejuruteraan 01-03-2024 Read more
3. Graduate Research Assistant FP027-2023 In Vivo And In Vitro Mechanistic Investigation Of A New Trpc Channels Inhibitor (schwarzinicine A) In Modulating Blood Pressure And Plasma Metabolomics Using Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats Fakulti Farmasi 01-03-2024 Read more
4. Graduate Research Assistant ST022-2023 New Material For Photocatalyst And Biofuel Production Timbalan Naib Canselor (penyelidikan Dan Inovasi) 01-03-2024 Read more
5. Graduate Research Assistant FP080-2023 Expounding The Kinetics And Mechanism Of The Cross-linking Reaction Between Blended Polymer Membrane And Diamines For Hydrogen Purification From Palm Oil Waste Biogas Fakulti Kejuruteraan 02-03-2024 Read more
6. Graduate Research Assistant FP050-2023 Model Preventif Pedofilia Bagi Golongan Kanak-kanak Dan Penjaga Berdasarkan Instrumen Psikospiritual Sunnah Akademi Pengajian Islam 03-03-2024 Read more
7. Graduate Research Assistant FP035-2023 Looking Beyond Digital Adoption Among The Smes In Malaysia: Developing A Framework For Enhancing Digital Utilisation And Resilience Fakulti Perniagaan Dan Ekonomi 03-03-2024 Read more
8. Graduate Research Assistant PV103-2023 The Effect Of Nanoparticles And Trichoderma Sp. As Biopesticide Towards Phytophtora Palmivora Fakulti Sains 04-03-2024 Read more
9. Research Assistant IMG008-2023 Active Balancing Of Retired Electric Vehicle Batteries For A Photovoltaic System With Energy Storage Pusat Pengkhususan Tenaga Kuasa Termaju Um 08-03-2024 Read more
10. Graduate Research Assistant ST039-2023 The Exploration Of Sonchus Arvensis L. For Phytochemical Screening And Anti-dengue Fever (dhf) Fakulti Perubatan 08-03-2024 Read more
11. Graduate Research Assistant LL2024SDG001 Netzero Nexus: Unifying Big Data Repository For Lembah Pantai And Petaling Jaya Fakulti Kejuruteraan 08-03-2024 Read more
12. Research Assistant RMF0440-2021 Akaun Rmf Dan Insentif - Narendra Kumar A/l Aridas Fakulti Kejuruteraan 14-03-2024 Read more
13. Graduate Research Assistant FP075-2023 Vibrational Kinetics Of Co2 In Non-thermal Plasma-based Co2 Conversion Fakulti Sains 15-03-2024 Read more
14. Research Assistant BKP006-2023-ECR Investigating The Diagnostic Accuracy Of Contrast-enhanced Digital Mammography (cedm) In Locoregional Staging And Lesion Differentiation In Breast Cancer Fakulti Perubatan 15-03-2024 Read more
15. Research Assistant BKP011-2023-ECR Advancing Green Hydrogen Production With Bimetallic Palladium Rhodium/fullerene Electrocatalyst: Ratio Design To Surpass Platinum Activity In Alkaline Media Fakulti Sains 17-03-2024 Read more
16. Graduate Research Assistant FP091-2020 The Effect Of Helical Twisting Power Of The Chiral Nematic Of Chitosan On Its Morphogenesis Fakulti Sains 31-03-2024 Read more
17. Research Assistant ST025-2023 Interaction Of Calcium Carbonate Enhanced Photocatalyst Titania (ccrept) As Nano-coating Composition For Solar Pv Glass Panel Pusat Pengkhususan Tenaga Kuasa Termaju Um 31-03-2024 Read more
18. Graduate Research Assistant FP007-2023 Elucidating Knee Osteoarthritis Multi-biomarkers For Pain Associated Radiological Features Prediction In Response To Nonpharmacological Interventions Using Multi-task Deep Hybrid Learning Fakulti Kejuruteraan 31-03-2024 Read more
19. Graduate Research Assistant FP060-2023 Small-angle X-ray Scattering Characterization For The Comprehension Of Molecular Packing And Structural Stability In Nanostructured Lipidic Cubic Phases Fakulti Sains 31-03-2024 Read more
20. Graduate Research Assistant FP102-2022 Correlation On Physical Mechanism And Catalyst Coating Of Titanium Oxide-chitosan Micro-encapsulated For Photo Dyes Reduction In A Microfluidic Device Timbalan Naib Canselor (penyelidikan Dan Inovasi) 31-03-2024 Read more
21. Graduate Research Assistant FP024-2022 Investigating Bacteria Derived Biosurfactant As A Novel Antimicrobial And Antibiofilm Agent To Control Oral Pathogens Biofilms Fakulti Pergigian 01-04-2024 Read more
22. Graduate Research Assistant PV042-2022 Laser Remote Sensor For The Assessment Of Oil Palm Fruit Pusat Penyelidikan Fotonik 07-05-2024 Read more
23. Graduate Research Assistant FP111-2022 The Contribution Of Mesoscale Convective Vortex To The Extreme Rainfall Event In Peninsular Malaysia During Northeast Monsoon Institut Sains Samudera Dan Bumi 31-05-2024 Read more
24. Graduate Research Assistant ST088-2022 Liquefaction Of Plastic Waste To Produce Alternative Liquid Fuel Fakulti Kejuruteraan 30-06-2024 Read more